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How We’re Protecting You From a Windows Remote Desktop Exploit

Unfortunately, large-scale vulnerabilities are not a rarity. In 2017 we saw several major issues, like the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability and the global ransomware attack in May.

Recently, security researchers have discovered a new vulnerability in Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Read on to find out how this exploit works, and how we're protecting your systems from it.

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What Happens When You Visit a Website?

It's something you probably do dozens of times a day without thinking: type a website name into your web browser's address bar, press Enter, and see the site within seconds. It's so simple that most people never stop to think about it.

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you visit a website? Let's go through the process and see what's really happening in the background.

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What Is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

If you've seen any technology news in the past several months, chances are that you've heard about Bitcoin. Lots of people are scrambling to purchase this alternative currency and want to sell it for a profit.

This all seems pretty confusing if you're not familiar with Bitcoin.

What We Believe About Customer Support

Customer service is a vital support of any business. Unfortunately, many companies today don't prioritize it as they should.

At Houk Consulting, we want you to know that we place an extremely high value on customer service. Here are our beliefs on how a business should treat its clients.

5 Ways Office 365 Mail Beats POP Email

Your business has plenty of choices for email. For instance, Google Apps and Office 365 are two popular choices from big providers. However, many companies stick with inexpensive POP email, often provided through a website host, to keep costs down.

While POP email is functional, it pales in comparison to what Office 365 offers.

The Advantages of VoIP Phone Service for Your Business

While traditional phones are still used by many companies, cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems are rising in popularity. Instead of a physical phone line, these services let phones communicate via the internet.

You might think that your business isn't a candidate for VOIP phones, but there are many advantages of VoIP to consider.

4 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Digital Life

Many people make New Year's Resolutions to set goals for bettering themselves at the start of a new year. Why not set a few technology-related goals for yourself?

Today, we'll recommend a few simple ways anyone can improve their digital life in 2018.
1. Strengthen Your Old Passwords
We've shared the importance of good passwords before.