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A New CEO Scam Could Cost You Big

Unfortunately, phishing (attempting to trick someone to steal their credentials) is a common issue for many businesses. Thanks to automated spam and malicious email protection, many mass-email attempts to fool employees are caught long before they become an issue.

Why Password Security is Not Optional

Nearly every day you hear another story about a company whose network was attacked, and the Cloud Security Alliance just reported that around 22% of businesses who suffered a data breach happened because of compromised credentials. We know that password strength is incredibly important, yet people still use weak passwords that are easy for them to remember but also incredibly easy to crack.

How to get 500+ LinkedIn connections

500+ LinkedIn connections can open doors. It can lead to more business, new clients, and provide social proof to yourself or organization. However, getting to 500+ connections can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a business to run. So how can you break through and become a LinkedIn power networker? Here are […]

How is BYOD a security risk?

Bring your own device (BYOD) strategy is when an employee uses their personal mobile device to work with your company from anywhere. This strategy can bring about many advantages to your business such as increased efficiency and convenience. However, this can also bring a number of security risks for your IT infrastructure and data. If […]

How to find out if your computer has a virus

Your computer has been acting up a lot lately. It keeps crashing, it’s slow and, to top it off, you keep getting pop-ups you don’t want to see. If these problems keep occurring then your computer may have a virus. So is there a way to prevent things like this from happening again? While there […]

Monitoring employees online. Is it right?

Whether or not to monitor your employees’ computers can be a tricky decision. While part of you may think it’s unethical, you also may question if your staff are spending too much time on non-work related activities, and taking advantage of you in the process. So, should you monitor? Here are some pros and cons […]