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4 Basic Windows Tips for Increasing Productivity

It's amazing how you can use a product nearly every day and still learn more about it. For many people, using the Windows operating system is a normal part of daily business work. But do you know some of the simplest productivity tricks that can help you work more efficiently?

No matter what industry you work in or what your position requires, you can use these tips to make Windows easier to use and save time.

How Does Webroot Antivirus Protect a Computer?

As most computer users know, an antivirus is essential for protecting security. All sorts of malicious software, like keyloggers and ransomware, are waiting to attack vulnerable machines. This is doubly important for a business environment, where one weak link could compromise many systems in your network.

What Caused the Global Ransomware Attack This May?

Ransomware is one of the nastiest forms of cyber attacks around. We've previously explained in detail all about ransomware; in essence, it's a form of malicious software (malware) that locks up the files on a computer and demands you pay a fee to recover them.

What Is a Keylogger, and Why Are They Dangerous?

Many types of malicious software are vying for a place on your computer. While all categories of nasty programs fall under the general name "malware," there are specific kinds that try to accomplish certain goals. One of these that you've probably heard of is spyware, which monitors your computer usage without your knowledge to sell ads or steal your information.

6 Email Formatting Tips for Better Communication

In the course of a regular business day. you probably send dozens of emails. Email has become so common that many people don't always think about what they're sending. Taking the extra time to apply proper email formatting can make you a better business communicator.

How Adobe Sign Makes Electronic Signatures Easy

Do you wish collecting signatures for your business was easier? You likely handle dozens of signatures every week. From contractors to utility work to customer sales, these documents pile up over time. If you're looking for a better way to manage signatures, a digital setup with Adobe Sign might be the answer.

Failing to Password-Protect Its Data Took This Spamming Giant Down

Spam, which refers to unsolicited junk email, has plagued the internet for decades. Whether it's annoying weight loss advertisements, harmful email attachments, or scams, nobody likes spam. Its popularity is largely due to its ease of use -- sending a million spam emails is cheaper and simpler than sending even a thousand pieces of physical junk mail.

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