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What Is Airplane Mode and What Is It For?

Airplane mode is a handy feature that's available on both Android phones and iPhone, as well as Windows 10 and other devices. While you've likely used it before, you might not understand exactly what it does or what you can use it for.

Let's look at what airplane mode offers and when to use it, so you can take full advantage of the function.

A Look at the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

In early May 2021, Colonial Pipeline, which is one of the largest pipeline operators in the US, was hit with a ransomware attack. This resulted in fuel shortages and was yet another example of a large-scale malware attack in 2021.

Let's look at what happened in this attack, what the consequences were, and what we can learn from it.

5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Laptop Hardware

Computers are sensitive devices, and since laptops are portable, they're easier to physically damage. If you're not careful with your machine, you could end up destroying it quickly or over time.

Let's consider some of the most important ways to care for your laptop physically, which will help you keep it running well for as long as possible.

A New Dell Vulnerability Affects an Enormous Amount of PCs

On May 4, 2021, security firm SentinelLabs released details about a security flaw in Dell machines that allows anyone with physical access to the computer to gain elevated privileges. This vulnerability has been around for over a decade, making hundreds of millions of computers vulnerable.

How to Control Sounds in Windows

By default, Windows makes a lot of noises that can become pretty annoying. Whether you don't want your computer chirping at you for every little error, or worry that the sounds will disturb someone working nearby, you can tweak and turn off these sounds.