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3 Reasons to Consider a Mechanical Keyboard

If you work on a computer for most of the day, a mechanical keyboard is one of the best PC upgrades you can make. You may think that they're only for gaming purposes, but mechanical keyboards are fantastic for general productivity work too.

Let's take a look at the some of the benefits that mechanical keyboards provide.

Houk Consulting COVID-19 Updates

Updated on 5/11/2020

We are fully operational and available to help you during this time. Our team is working remotely to the extent possible. We have been authorized by the state to continue operations.  We will still provide onsite service when essential.

Which Remote Access Solution Is Best for You?

As you probably know, there are a variety of solutions for remotely connecting to and accessing other computers from your own. These come in handy when you need to access resources on another network (such as your workplace) or control another computer without being physically present.

How to Save Data on Your Mobile Plan

Unlimited mobile data plans are convenient, but they're quite expensive. Most people thus have some kind of limit on how much mobile data they can use per month.

We'll show you some practical ways to less data on your iPhone or Android phone so you can save money and avoid exceeding your mobile data limit.