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What Are the Costs of Unprofessional and Bad IT?

If you're struggling to come up with a solution to your IT needs, you are not alone. Many IT providers do not do the proactive work necessary to maintain your technology over time. You wouldn't trust your health to a doctor who lacked the proper training on how to care for your body.

5 Ways to Make Your Wireless Router More Secure

Securing your home network is important, especially if you work from home or do sensitive work online. Routers have several default options and parameters that aren't secure, so changing them is in your best interest.

Let's take a look at several ways to improve your home network's security using router settings.

5 Shareable Family Subscription Plans Worth Considering

It seems like every service wants you to subscribe for all its features these days. And while $5 or $7 per month is reasonable for a service you use regularly, piling up a bunch of subscriptions can quickly become much too expensive.

Thankfully, a lot of services allow you to split a plan with other people in your household, or just friends.

How a Good IT Service Manager Will Handle Vendor Relationships for You

When you think of an IT service manager, what probably comes to mind first are common tasks like helpdesk support and network management. But there's another aspect of IT management that's easy to overlook: vendor management.

Let's take a look at what vendor management entails and how good IT service helps keep your business running smoothly in this area.

How to Fix Common Network Issues When Working From Home

Home network issues are always irritating, but they're a particular problem when you're working from home. Knowing how to diagnose common network troubles can save you hours of productive time when working at your home office.

Let's take a look at some general tips to help you fix your network issues when you can't get online.

How to Make Your Own Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

You probably know that keyboard shortcuts are a great way to work faster in the software you use regularly. The less time you spend hunting for the right option with your mouse, the more efficiently you'll work.

And while Microsoft Excel has plenty of built-in keyboard shortcuts, you can also create your own shortcuts with a few methods.

How Microsoft 365 Enables Collaboration in Office Apps

You might think of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as tools that you mostly use alone. But with Microsoft 365, these Office apps has lots of collaboration options that help you easily work on documents with others on your team.

Let's take a look at the most useful collaboration features in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that Microsoft 365 enables.

What You Should Know About Computers and Heat

Just like your body can become overheated, a computer can overheat as well. And while computers are built to withstand a high level of heat, it's still possible for them to become too hot.

Let's look at the basics of how heat affects computers, including normal operating temperatures and how to keep your system cool.