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How to Save Data on Your Mobile Plan

Unlimited mobile data plans are convenient, but they're quite expensive. Most people thus have some kind of limit on how much mobile data they can use per month.

We'll show you some practical ways to less data on your iPhone or Android phone so you can save money and avoid exceeding your mobile data limit.

Understanding Your Smartphone’s Water Resistance

Since water causes serious damage to electronics, manufacturers have started coming up with ways to protect our mobile devices from getting wet. However, the terminology in this area is often confusing.

We'll explain the difference between waterproof and water-resistant, how to interpret the values thrown around in these discussions, and other important facets of water resistance.

6 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Hit By Mistake

Keyboard shortcuts are typically useful time-savers. But Windows includes a few default shortcuts that result in undesirable behavior, and they're pretty easy to hit by accident.

Today we'll look at some of these combinations so you know what's happening if you activate one, plus how to disable them where possible.

Google Trends Shows You What the World Searches For

It's difficult to comprehend the amount of data that Google processes every day. While you almost certainly rely on Google for getting information online, did you know that Google provides a tool that lets you analyze what other people search for?

This service is Google Trends, a free tool that you can use to get insight into what people look for online.

How to Copy and Paste Text Without Any Formatting

Copying and pasting are one of the best time-saving functions of a computer. But this comes with a common problem: the pasted text retains its original formatting, which you often don't want.

Thankfully, it's not hard to get around this. We'll show you how to copy and paste without bringing along the formatting.

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