What Happens When You Visit a Website?

It's something you probably do dozens of times a day without thinking: type a website name into your web browser's address bar, press Enter, and see the site within seconds. It's so simple that most people never stop to think about it.

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you visit a website? Let's go through the process and see what's really happening in the background.

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4 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Digital Life

Many people make New Year's Resolutions to set goals for bettering themselves at the start of a new year. Why not set a few technology-related goals for yourself?

Today, we'll recommend a few simple ways anyone can improve their digital life in 2018.
1. Strengthen Your Old Passwords
We've shared the importance of good passwords before.

How to Take a Screenshot, and Why They’re Beneficial

Did you know that your computer includes built-in tools that allow you to take a screenshot---a picture of what's on your screen? This ability has a variety of uses: you can save a copy of temporary information for later, or compare before/after shots. No matter what you use screenshots for, the tools on your computer are far better than taking a picture of your screen using your phone.

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Why an SSD is the Best Computer Upgrade You Can Make

Whether you're using an old PC or just got a new one, you probably wish it was faster all the time. You'll see all sorts of advice online about how to make your computer faster; ads on TV even claim their product can double your PC's speed, but of course these are a bunch of nonsense and nothing more than scams.

Internal IT vs Outsourcing – Which Is Right For Your SMB

You want reliable IT systems that can be a competitive advantage for a reasonable cost.  How do you find a resource who can best achieve this?

Should you hire internal IT staff or outsource this to a third party?

Management of IT Staff
Who manages your IT staff?  Most small business do not have the resources or knowledge around IT to manage technical resources.

10 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Windows 10

On July 29, 2015, Microsoft is bringing fundamental changes to the classic operating system with its Windows 10 release.

Are these changes good or bad?  Where do they stack up for your business?  Should you bother trying to change? Or should you just scrap Microsoft and get a Mac instead?

Here are 10 reasons for businesses to consider Windows 10:

1. You Are Running a Version Prior to Windows 7

If you are on anything prior to Windows 7 you absolutely should upgrade.

We are Adobe Certified Resellers!

We have achieved status as an Adobe Certified Reseller and can now bring both perpetual key based licensing and cloud solutions from Adobe to your business.  Everything from Creative Cloud to Document Cloud to individual applications licensed traditionally or as a subscription service.

5 Things your Business Needs to Know about the Cloud

There are a lot of discussions around the "Cloud" .  But what does this really mean to the average business?  Should you even care?  Some say everything should be Cloud based.  Others are more resistant.  Where should you be?

Here are 5 things you need to know about the Cloud.

Window 8/2012 Mapped Network Drive Issue – Resolved

For those of you who have been wondering why your mapped network drives just didn't work under Windows 8 or Server 2012 without workarounds, Microsoft released a fix through Windows Update (KB2795944) that will resolve the problem.  More details here:  http://gjohansson.