Megabytes, Gigabytes, and More: Computer File Sizes Explained

You probably see terms like "megabyte" and "gigabyte" used pretty often. They show up in everything from the amount of storage your phone has to your monthly data plan and more.

But how exactly do computers arrive as these figures? Let's take a look at how computers count numbers, the most common amounts of storage, and roughly what they equate to.

Understanding the Different Types of USB Cables and Ports

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the standard for connecting all sorts of devices today. But the universal in its name can be a bit misleading, as there are many different types of USB connectors and a few different standards.

Let's discuss the various iterations of USB so you know what type of connection to expect with what devices.

How to Fight Junk Mail in Outlook and Gmail

Junk mail, also known as spam, is a big annoyance. Whether it's advertisements you never signed up for, poorly-worded scams promising you millions, or inappropriate content, nobody wants it in their inbox.

Though both Gmail and Outlook's built-in spam detection is excellent, sometimes junk mail will slip through.

What’s New in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update?

At the end of April 2018, Microsoft released a big update for Windows 10. This adds new features for productivity, security, and more.

Let's look at an overview of some of the most useful features added in this release.
Wait, Don't I Already Have Windows 10?
If you're new to Windows 10, you might not know that Microsoft's strategy with it is different than prior versions of Windows.

How to Search the Internet Effectively

Searching the web is a normal part of everyday life for most people. But not everyone knows how to do it effectively.

While Google has gotten much better at understanding search queries and returning the best results, you can still search more effectively with some tips.