How Smartphones Affect Our Ability to Focus

It's no exaggeration to say that smartphones have radically changed the way many people work and live. Having a device that connects you to the world in an instant has many blessings, but comes with lots of drawbacks too.

Have you ever considered how smartphones can affect your ability to focus? This can affect you at work as well as during daily activities.

How to Reduce Incoming Email to Tidy Your Inbox

Most people receive much more email than they want or need. If you've read our guide on customizing Outlook for better productivity, you know that reducing distractions is one of the most important ways handle email more efficiently.

Let's discuss ways to reduce the amount of email you receive.

What Is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

If you've seen any technology news in the past several months, chances are that you've heard about Bitcoin. Lots of people are scrambling to purchase this alternative currency and want to sell it for a profit.

This all seems pretty confusing if you're not familiar with Bitcoin.

How to Customize Outlook For Greater Productivity

Everyone uses email in the workplace these days, and it drives nearly everyone crazy. You probably receive hundreds of email messages every day. Left unchecked, this barrage of email can take over your day and reduce your productivity.

Thankfully, with some adjustments you can prevent that from happening.

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How to Use Microsoft OneNote

Note-taking is an important activity for a lot of people. It's impossible to remember everything important, so jotting it down helps you keep track of to-do lists, project schedules, and more.

If you're interested in moving your notes to the digital realm, there's no better tool than Microsoft OneNote.

How Cloud Computing Has Changed the Modern Workplace

Recently, we took a look at what "the cloud" really is. While it's regularly used as a marketing buzzword, cloud computing really has changed the face of the workplace for hundreds of thousands of people.

Today, we'll take a look at some major ways that cloud computing has enabled all-new methods of working and processing information.

What Does Cloud Computing Really Mean?

All over the tech sphere, you'll hear the terms "cloud computing" and "the cloud." Marketing companies have seized these terms and turned them into buzzwords almost devoid of meaning.

Let's clear up what "the cloud" actually means and how it affects modern computing.