5 Default Windows 10 Apps Worth Trying

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft added a new kind of program to Windows. Originally named "Modern Apps" (known as Store apps now), these share similarities with smartphone apps.

Not only are they touch-friendly for users with those devices, but they're often decidedly more simple than standard desktop programs.

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The Value of Simplicity

Of all the traits we value in the modern world, simplicity might be one of the most important. It's a common idea that "less is more", but how much does simplicity really affect the products we use and the services we rely on?

As Leonardo da Vinci noted, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

How to Make Screens Easier on Your Eyes at Night

Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and around-the-clock work hours for many, we're looking at screens more than ever. While smartphones and laptops let us accomplish a lot, looking at a bright screen at night isn't good for you.

The blue light that screens emit mimics the sun, which is fine during the day.

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How to Use Focus Assist to Control Notifications in Windows 10

Do you find that your computer is too distracting? The barrage of notifications we receive on every device makes it hard to focus on one task.

This is why Windows 10 has a feature called Focus Assist (formerly Quiet Hours). We'll show you what it can do and other ways to take control of notifications on your PC.
What Is Focus Assist?
All sorts of apps can send you notifications in Windows 10. This includes your email client, apps you've installed, update prompts, and even notifications from websites.

4 Learning Websites to Take Courses About Anything Online

Thanks to the internet, you can learn almost anything online -- and much of it is free.

Whether you're looking to bolster your credentials or just want to learn about a new subject for fun, these four online learning sites are fantastic.
1. Coursera

Coursera is a great place to learn just about anything.

What Is Azure Active Directory?

We discussed the benefits of a Windows domain a while back. In that post, we described how domains let IT staff easily manage users and set up Group Policy for controlling settings. But we noted that not all businesses use a domain.

One of the alternatives growing in popularity is Microsoft's Azure Active Directory.

What We Look for When Buying New Computers

When buying a new computer, you can choose from all sorts of models depending on your needs. Cheaper computers often seem like a good value, but their below-average components can lead to a frustrating experience.

We keep a variety of factors in mind when shopping for new computers for your company.

Dropbox’s Smart Sync Makes the Service Even Better

Dropbox is a popular file syncing tool that offers great value for businesses. With it, you don't need to email files back and forth, and employees in the same department can easily access shared resources.

But one of the drawbacks of Dropbox is that keeping all those files on your PC takes up space.