3 Important Safety Tips When Using Public Computers

Between laptops, smartphones, and tablets, you probably get online with your own devices most of the time. But at times, you might have to use a public computer.

Maybe your phone's battery died, your laptop won't connect to the Wi-Fi, or you run into some other problem.

How Do Websites Keep Your Password Secure?

Every website you create an account with requires at least a username and password. Since passwords are sensitive information, what measures do websites take to make sure your password doesn't fall into the wrong hands?

As it turns out, this is an important topic because of the security breaches that happen all too often.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is a handy access control feature offered by a lot of services and websites. It certainly provides convenience and has benefits for both users and administrators, but there are some drawbacks to consider too.

Let's take a look at what single sign-on is and some reasons for and against using it.

Why You Should Use a Password Manager Like 1Password

Passwords protect every account, from email, to banking, social media, and more. It's thus vital to do everything you can to make sure you use strong passwords that don't fall into the wrong hands.

We've looked before at the importance of password security and mentioned that everyone should use a password manager.

GandCrab Is the Latest Strain of Nasty Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most brutal forms of malware in the wild today. Because it locks up all of a computer's files and demands payment to get them back, it basically renders a machine inoperable.

Criminals who create malware don't give up easily.

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5 Ways Your Password Could Be Stolen

We've mentioned how important password security is before. And while having one of your accounts breached is a scary occurrence, you might wonder how it could actually happen. Chances are that a hacker wouldn't target your account since you're not famous or rich, right?

Well, hacking isn't the only way to steal passwords.

How to Use a VPN to Stay Private and Secure Online

In our roundup of vital security practices, we mentioned using a VPN to encrypt your network traffic. Now, we want to go deeper and explain what a VPN does, why you should use one, and how to get one.

Let's look at what a VPN offers and how you can integrate one into your workflow.

5 Vital Ways to Keep Your Android Phone Safe

A while ago, we took a look at important iPhone security practices to keep your phone safe. If you use an Android phone, there are similar security tips you should know.

So today we'll look at some of the most important ways to secure your Android device.

What Is the Dark Web and Deep Web?

You may have heard the term "dark web" used recently on TV commercials and the news. But what does it really mean? A companion term, "deep web," can introduce even more confusion.

We're here to explain. Let's look at the differences between the deep web and dark web, what these are, and what you should know about their place on the internet.