How We Are Different

What makes us different? There are considerable choices for IT in Pittsburgh and most of them sound very similar. How can you know which to choose? Here are a few things to consider when making a choice on what IT service provider to use.

Where is the Focus?

What a company focuses on determines the kind of service you will get. Are they mostly talking about fixing things when they break? Is it all about the tools they use? Or are they focused on the business results?

You probably want a company that is focused on the business results of technology, not just the technical wizardry. In other words, why does any of this matter to you?

It's not just about great reactive support, the right tools, or talking about being practice. It's about having the correct standards and methodologies to reduce problems, reduce risk, and make your team more productive. Is time scheduled to be proactive with a defined process? Are there regular meetings with you to budget, plan, train your team, and track IT progress? The right answer to these questions gets to the root cause of issues, prevents them permanently, and improves your productivity.

In the end, it's about helping you become more successful.

What Standards, Best Practices, and Processes Are Being Used?

Every company follows some process. Even those without any defined process, their process is to wing it. This leads to widely divergent results. Ask questions about what kind of processes are followed, if standard workflows are used, and for documentation examples.

Documented standards and best practices are used to deliver a reliable and predictable IT result to clients. For every part of IT, there are a million different options to choose from. You probably want someone to cut through the noise and show you the ones that matter to you. To give you business reasons why you should or should not do it that way. A company that has tested, documented, and applied the knowledge from thousands of hours of experience so you can focus on what you do best.

This means you benefit from a consistent and reliable result because of the heavy lifting done to develop documented IT processes and procedures that help you be more productive while preventing problems.

How is Customer Service?

Are they purely technical in nature? Are they super friendly but unable to get the job done? You want both technical ability and friendliness. Technical ability can be taught but friendliness is often driven by the company's culture. Do they put client success first? What are their core values? Will those core values lend to the kind of service you want?

We treat our clients like family. We care deeply about their personal and professional success. To us it's not just about fixing or preventing problems. We want our clients to enjoy every experience they have with us.

What is the Result?

We ask ourselves this question often: "How might we help our clients be more successful?" This is the reason why our current program exists, and what will drive future improvements.

We believe that enhancing small businesses' abilities can greatly improve the world. Small business is a vital part of innovation and improvement. We want to play a part in making your dream a reality.

Does This Make Sense for You?

If this sounds like something your company could benefit from, please contact us to get started. We'll help you determine what the right type of IT is for you.

If you want more information on the details of our service, check out our Managed IT Services page.