How We Are Different

You might be wondering what makes us different than every other IT provider in Pittsburgh. After all, with so many to choose from, how could you ever decide who's the best?

Here is why Houk Consulting is the best solution for your IT needs.

Your Business Success Is Our Priority

We don't just provide great IT support. We don't just have all the right tools to get the job done. We don't just talk about being proactive. We have the correct standards and methodologies to reduce problems, reduce risk, and make your team more productive. We schedule time to be proactive. We regularly meet with you as your virtual CIO to budget, plan, and track IT progress. This is what it takes to deliver great IT service.

Standards and Best Practices

Our documented standards and best practices are used to deliver a reliable and predictable IT result to each client. We've tested, documented, and now apply the knowledge from thousands of hours of experience to craft IT that will give your business super powers.

We're Customer Service Oriented

You're in for a pleasant surprise when you meet our team of friendly technicians. Not only do we know technology, but we're excited to meet your employees, too!

Light Bulbs

Documented Processes

IT service is delivered consistently and reliably through our documented IT processes and procedures. We've done the heavy lifting to develop IT solutions that just work. You get a proven model for IT that will make your company more efficient.

We Truly Care

Our success comes from yours. We want to help our clients achieve the goals they have for their business, not just take care of their IT.

With a managed services model, everyone wins. We want to fix your issues as soon as possible (many times before they occur) because that keeps your business running smoothly and means we're doing our job well. When you succeed, we succeed.

Ready to See Firsthand?

Contact us for a completely free IT assessment, where we analyze your current infrastructure and let you know where we can help you improve. There's no risk involved for you, so contact us today and let's start working better together!