Service Desk Consultant & Field Technician Level 1

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Service Desk Consultant and Field Technician Level 1
This job flexes between in the office remote helpdesk work and in the field project work.

Why Houk Consulting?

We are structured, focused, and driven to succeed in our mission, encouraging constant improvement for ourselves and clients. We are open and honest with each other. Everyone contributes ideas and plays a role in making it happen.

Be part of a growing team, loved by our clients, with many opportunities for future growth, training, and development.

What is This Position?

This position initially will have two roles.

  1. Reactive Service Desk Consultant
  • As a remote first line service desk consultant, you will be required to have the ability to focus intensely on one ticket at time, rapidly moving from one task to the next through the process of supporting various small business clients. The tickets are reactive in nature, meaning something needs to be fixed and a client is waiting for this to happen.
  • This is a front-line position, meaning you will be answering the phone and will be the first person to work on most new tickets.  Typical range of activities include new user setup, separations, fixing workstations, and fixing applications.  If you are unable to solve, you will escalate to our next level support.
  • Reactive support positions are an essential part of our service offering because of how directly it interacts with clients. The experience of a client’s employees will often be determined by how well we do with their reactive support, how quickly we handle it, and how positive that interaction was.
  • The person in this role will work at our office in Cranberry Township, PA. You’ll primarily interact with clients over the phone or through Autotask (emails flow through the ticketing system).
  1. Professional Services Field Technician Level 1
  • Onsite work at client locations to assist the project manager with implementation. This work includes new computer installs and assistance with server deployments.
  • This requires the ability to professionally interact with client owners and executives. Clients will judge our service by the professionalism and ability displayed by our field technicians.
  • Being onsite requires a get-it-done attitude. There is a set time limit to get the required activity completed, and often we are not able to come back the next day. Being able to operate comfortably in a fast paced environment, while potentially being observed by a client is critical to this role.

As we continue to expand, there will be growth opportunities for this person.

What Qualifications are Necessary?

This is an entry to mid level position for candidates with either a technical degree, relevant bachelor’s degree, or relevant experience. Having prior customer service positions is helpful (retail, hospitality, helpdesk, etc). Having experience at a MSP or IT internship is helpful.

Microsoft MCSE, MCSA, and A+ certifications are helpful but not required.

This position is best for people who want to support small businesses and interact with all facets of delivering IT infrastructure and cloud support to clients. Large corporate helpdesks are very limited in the scope of the work they do. This position supports small businesses and offers much more variety.

You must have good customer service skills and truly enjoy interacting with other people. If you prefer the nuts and bolts without social interaction, this is not the job for you. But if you enjoy the satisfaction in helping other people and meeting a need that they have, you will probably do well in this role.

You must have good troubleshooting skills, continue to ask why until you get to the root cause, and continue to tackle the problem from different angles until a solution is found. You should be comfortable figuring it out on your own most of the time, even if you have never seen a particular problem before. Good instincts and research skills are helpful here.

Here is a list of technology you will be asked to work with: Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, RAID, router policies, VLAN, SSLVPN, Group Policy, Azure Active Directory, Office 365 Admin, SMTP, and RDP.

Hours and Benefits

8am-5pm M-F with a rotating on-call tech; you will be part of this rotation. Benefits include vacation time, sick days, holiday time, retirement match, and healthcare benefits. Pay is based on your experience and abilities.

What’s it like?

This position will interact with the end users directly to solve technical problems. A friendly and helpful manner should come natural to you. You’ll primarily get your work through our ticket management system, Autotask. You will log your time into the ticket system directly to accommodate your entire schedule. All time is logged. Once one ticket is complete, work begins on the next highest priority ticket. Each ticket is different and requires creative problem solving.

You may have to adjust your priorities for the day depending on the circumstances of the issues that come in. You may need to quickly drop what you are doing and refocus on a new higher priority task without it impacting your friendliness or helpfulness.

This job requires a lot of focused activity throughout the day. You may also assist with proactive work and company improvements.

We meet once per week as a team for 60-90 minutes to review our quarterly goals, company scorecard, weekly to-dos, and solve issues as a team (based on the EOS model). We have annual state of the company meetings and quarterly company check-ins.

You will report to the IT Service Manager for Helpdesk work and the Director of Service Delivery for Professional Services work.

You’ll be an important part of our team. You will have the opportunity to contribute your unique set of skills and ideas while continually learning from the rest of the team in a broader way than is afforded at larger companies.

In Summary

If you are an energetic people person with deep curiosity, and you have the desire to be a part of a growing team where your voice can be heard, this opportunity may be for you.

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