Service Desk Consultant & Field Technician (Pittsburgh)

Job Title: Service Desk Consultant & Field Technician

Reports to: Director of Service Delivery

About Houk Consulting:

Houk Consulting provides the highest customer support experience through standard operating procedures, well-developed support tools, and customer service focused support staff.

We are accountable to each other and believe in the power of hard work directed at the right thing. We know that our industry doesn't stay the same, and if we don't increase our value to clients, someone else will. We are open-minded and candid with each other so we can find out what is true and consider alternative viewpoints. We believe in creating and using well-documented systems. 

Above all, we focus on the client – the rest will take care of itself.

About this position:

This position initially will have two roles.

  1. Reactive Support Helpdesk Analyst Level 1

Service Desk Technicians address inquiries from customers on various issues related to line of business software, endpoint hardware, and infrastructure. This is a front-line position, meaning you will be answering the phone and will be the first person to work on most new tickets. Typical range of activities include new user setup, separations, fixing workstations, and fixing applications. If you are unable to solve, you will escalate to our next level support. 

Reactive support positions are an essential part of our service offering because of how directly it interacts with clients. The experience of a client’s employees will often be determined by how well we do with their reactive support, how quickly we handle it, and how positive that interaction was. 

This position requires intense focus on one ticket at time, rapidly moving from one client task to the next. The tickets are reactive in nature, meaning something needs to be fixed and a client is waiting for this to happen. 

  1. Professional Services Technician

As a Professional Services Technician, you will help design and implement reliable technical IT infrastructure as part of our Professional Services team, including complex server, networking, and application solutions. You will also be involved in escalated troubleshooting that is unable to be resolved on the support desk, including business software, endpoint hardware, and infrastructure outages. Most client onsite work is performed by people in this role.

Professional service positions are an essential part of our service offering because of how directly it interacts with clients, including business owners. How well we implement new solutions has a direct impact on the client's experience and how effective we can be in supporting the solution over the long term. 

The typical range of activities includes migrating applications to new hardware or cloud services, remediating infrastructure failures in person, and installing and replacing infrastructure like servers, switches, access points, firewalls, and workstations.


This position is best for people who have a fundamental understanding of a wide array of technologies and want to use that skill to support small businesses with their entire technology stack in mind. Large corporate IT are usually very limited in the scope of the work they do due to specialization. On this team, you will have more variety in work and will need to have a broader base of technical knowledge to work effectively.

Fanatically good documentation, thoroughness, and attention to detail are critical to delivering good outcomes. The activities of this role directly impact the efficiency and capabilities of all other service delivery departments. You must be following procedures exactly, updating them, or creating them. 

You must have good customer service skills and genuinely enjoy interacting with other people. If you prefer the nuts and bolts without social interaction, this is not the job for you. But if you want the satisfaction in helping other people and meeting a need that they have, you will probably do well in this role.

Functions of the Job:

  • Reactive Support Role
    • Serve as the first point of contact for customers seeking technical assistance via email, phone, and web form.
    • Manage customer expectations and provide constant, timely, and effective communications during issue resolution efforts. 
    • Configure, maintain, and troubleshoot computer systems, hardware, and software. 
    • Provide remote support to end users over the phone and through Houk's RMM platform. 
    • Triage and assign infrastructure and endpoint alerts and tickets that have been received from Houk automation platform to the most appropriate resource. 
    • Escalate complex and high-time-cost issues to the next level of support to ensure the most effective and efficient resolution to customer issues. 
    • All support incidents must be approached in a manner that determines root cause that focus on the proactive prevention of re-occurring incidents.
    • Remote prep of computers, servers, and network hardware for the Professional Service team while following procedures. 
    • Communicate customer inefficiencies caused by poor technology solutions to the vCIO. 
    • May be required to perform upgrades and evaluate customer reported issues outside of customer hours of operation.
    • Assist with customer technology equipment prep as needed. 
    • Assist with shipping and receiving materials when other administrative roles are not able.
  • Field Technician Role
    • Provide onsite end-user support, project delivery, and assist the proactive services team with onsite visits as needed.
    • Communicate improvements that can be made to a client's environment to the vCIO.
    • Identify, test, deliver, and document new technology solutions to clients.
    • Assist with onboarding new clients, including the documentation of complex organizational workflows, networks, and application configurations.
    • Deliver customer technology solutions in a consistent, methodical, and standardized means by following procedures to ensure maximum supportability by Houk Service Desk and Proactive Services Technicians.
    • Have a get-it-done attitude while onsite. There is a set time limit to get the required activity completed, and often we are not able to come back the next day. Being able to operate comfortably in a fast-paced environment, while potentially being observed by a client is critical to this role.
    • Ensure that appropriate monitoring, issue alerting, and backups are configured for all newly installed technology.
    • May be required to perform scheduled and unscheduled work after hours, including upgrades, infrastructure changes, and critical client requests.
  • General
    • Create and discuss recommendations in technical process, service delivery solutions, and operations during weekly Level10 meetings (based on EOS model).
    • Reprioritize regularly and work on the highest priority item at all times. 
    • Follow documented start and end of day routines. 
    • Account for all time and detailed accounts of work in our ticket and time management application, Autotask. 
    • Follow implementation procedures consistently, and if one does not exist, create it while performing the task. Identify improvements that need to be made to those procedures and update while performing the task. Diligently document your work.
    • Meet key performance indicators to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Reactive Support Role
    • Gather critical incident information from the customer, automated platforms and previous documentation and apply this information to an effective resolution plan. 
    • Manage multiple concurrent customer requests while entering time and detailed case notes within Autotask.
    • Manage clear, timely and effective communications with customers seeking support. 
  • Field Service Role
    • Professionally interact with client owners and executives. Clients will judge our service by the professionalism and ability displayed by our team.
    • Show a strong initiative to move projects forward and manage time and resources effectively.
    • Be able to design, manage, and deliver projects.
  • General
    • Technicians should be able to lift up to 70lbs following proper lifting techniques 
    • Be naturally curious with good troubleshooting skills, continue to ask why until you get to the root cause, and continue to tackle the problem from different angles until a solution is found. You should be comfortable figuring it out on your own most of the time, even if you have never seen a particular problem before. Good instincts and research skills are helpful here.
    • Be focused on providing the highest quality customer experience.
    • Work independently or in teams, manage a full schedule, and seek new tasks with minimal managerial oversight.
    • Have a healthy respect for customer productivity and limit customer impact of potentially disruptive tasks.
    • Prioritize and manage a dynamic workload while working in an orderly manner.
    • Have strong interpersonal communication skills via oral and written means.
    • Have strong attention to detail and follow through on all work without management follow-up.
    • Be an avid learner and continuously engage with new and existing technologies to stay sharp on industry trends.
    • Focus on providing the highest quality customer support experience.
    • Possess a strong work ethic, sense of urgency, and enthusiasm.
    • Work in a team setting and be able to interact with the various other service delivery and administrative departments within the organization. 

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • This is an entry to mid-level position for candidates with either a technical degree, relevant bachelor’s degree, or relevant experience.
  • Prior IT support experience in either field service, help desk, or network administration positions is helpful.
  • Having prior customer service positions is helpful.
  • Having prior experience at an MSP is helpful.
  • Relevant hardware, software, and technology vendor certifications like CompTIA, Fortinet NSE, and Microsoft are a plus.
  • Active Directory administration skills are required.
  • Azure and Office 365 administration skills are required.
  • Understanding of networking used in small businesses.
  • Experience with using and supporting workstation-based Windows, macOS, and Unix/Linux-based operating systems is required.
  • Experience with cloud-based business grade applications and productivity platforms is preferred.
  • Have a fundamental understanding of a wide array of technologies. At a minimum, you will be asked to work with the following technologies: Traditional and Azure Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, RAID, Routers, VLAN's, SSL VPN, IPSEC VPN's, Group Policy, Azure, AWS, Office 365, SMTP, RDP, and a wide array of data backup software and hardware.

Description of the Work Environment, Benefits, & Travel

  • This position will require work in the main office or out in the field at client locations.
  • This is not a work from home position.
  • Benefits include vacation & sick time, holiday time, retirement match, and healthcare benefits. Pay is based on your experience and abilities. 
  • All technical resources have the responsibility providing after-hours on-call technical coverage on a week-long rotating basis.
  • The whole company meets once per week as a team for 60 minutes to review our quarterly goals, company scorecard, weekly to-dos, and solve issues as a team (based on the EOS model). We have annual state of the company meetings and quarterly company check-ins.
  • Must be able to work remotely if the office becomes unavailable.

In Summary

If you are an energetic people person with deep curiosity, and you have the desire to be a part of a growing team where your voice can be heard, this opportunity may be for you.